Health Care

Embedded devices in health care is one of the prime focus area of Dencomm. There are common characteristics that broadly encompass certain embedded device market segment. One such segment is medical devices and instrumentation, where Dencomm is working on with universities and industry involvement. The range of electronics found in modern medical facility is staggering.

Medical devices and systems range from gigantic machines that fill a room such as an MRI scanner, to portable and hand-held instruments, to implanted devices like a heart pacemaker etc. All these devices need embedded system solutions.

One such useful device, we have made colloboration with is Withings.

With Withings body scale  and blood pressure monitor devices you can send your data directly and securely (weight, BMI, fat, lean mass and blood pressure) to the best specialists in the field.

Imagine that by simply stepping on your scale, your physical analyses can be sent directly to community websites like Facebook, or Twitter, to electronic medical files or coaching sites in nutrition and sports.

Your blood pressure could be saved on your iPhone or iPad and you can refer it at later stage in weeks or months or even on years time frame.More details could be found here. 

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Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are part of our daily life, without realising people use them almost each and every moment of daily life. The most common form of computer in use today is by far the embedded computer. In fact, 98% of computing devices are embedded in all kinds of electronic equipment and machines.

Computers are moving away from the desktop and are finding themselves in everyday devices like credit cards, mobile phones, cars and planes or places like homes, offices and factories. Embedded computing systems are made of hardware (nanoelectronic components) and software.

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